Climate Change

Explore local climate change and nature with middle school students, in a new lesson packet, “Climate Change in San Diego’s Environment:  Lessons in Schoolyards and on Field Trips.” ClimateChg_LessonsGr6-8

How will San Diego be impacted by climate change?

The report, “San Diego, 2050 is Calling. How will we answer?”   ( identifies four likely impacts:

  • Drought: Warming, compounded by less frequent precipitation, will worsen droughts and threaten our imported and local water sources. (10-11)
  • Increased temperatures: We expect to experience hotter and more humid heat waves and less frequent but more intense rainfall. (8-9)
  • Flooding: Extreme high tides and winter storms magnified by sea level rise will result in more frequent and widespread coastal flooding. (pgs 12-13)
  • Wildfires: Wildfire seasons may be longer and more extreme, with warming (pages 14-15)

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