The San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative has initiated the NatureRx pilot project to impact children’s health via nature experiences. Pediatric health providers give “nature” prescriptions for kids and families to go outside in a natural setting for unstructured play or family walks. More information about nature health programs and nature health resources.

Bender_Grandson_BigRock_14aug10Playing in nature can positively impact children’s health and well-being. Nature is the ideal playscape for the climbing, running, pondering and wondering that are essential for healthy child development. Research indicates that unstructured outdoor activities improve children’s health by increasing physical activity, improving their motor skills, reducing stress, and lessening attention disorder behaviors.  Children and families that connect with nature increase their mental and physical wellness and gain a sense of life balance.

We envision that outdoor play will be part of every child’s daily life, and that families will increase the time they spend outdoors in nature together.  Pediatric health providers will give NatureRx prescriptions for outdoor play, encourage families to spend more time being active in nature, and refer families to Prescription Trails and other nature places.