• Janice_Owen_onRockThe Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder. This latest book by Children & Nature Network founder Richard Lou includes a chapter called “Vitamin N”, on the health benefits of nature (
  • Review of health benefits of children’s experiences in nature,  CNN_HealthBenefitsResearch_45p_2012
  • National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)’s Children and Nature Initiative: Rx for Outdoor Activity aims to prevent serious health conditions like obesity and diabetes related to indoor sedentary lifestyles and connects children and their families to nature to promote good health, enjoyment, and environmental stewardship. .
  • Healthy Trail Prescriptions – CA State Parks  Healthy_trail_prescriptions_presentation (PDF presentation)
  • American Public Health Association policy statement adopted 11/5/13, 20137 Nature, health and wellness — …. [e]ncourages land use decisions that prioritize access to natural areas and green spaces [for all]…. Calls on public health, medical and other health professionals to raise awareness among patients and the public at-large about the health benefits of spending time in nature and of nature-based play and recreation.  News Release APHA Nature 11-5/13
  • In 2010, a Community Asset Inventory was completed by the San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative to describe local opportunities to increase nature activities as part of children’s health services.  Promising sectors are pediatric health, childhood obesity, and overall public health. Pediatricians and other health professionals already emphasize physical activity for children, and that can be expanded to spending time in nature.