Find Nature

San Diego’s nature extends from the beaches and estuaries in the west to the desert in the east. In between are coastal sage scrub, chaparral, riparian woodlands, oak woodlands, and mixed conifer forests. Locate nearby natural areas. to visit and enjoy San Diego’s nature. Choose nature programs offered by local Nature educators and Collaborative PartnersFind community gardens.  Plan your own field trip with your class or youth group, with the Nearby Nature School Field Trip Guidebook.  Enhance the nature in your daily lives Nature at Home.

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North County Nature Places lists beaches, lakes, trails, gardens, and parks in northern San Diego County. Mid-County NaturePlaces lists these places in mid- and East County.

PocketChaparralGuide_BackFront_sep11The Pocket Naturalist Guide for Chaparral Shrublands of Southern California has 110 of San Diego’s most common animals and plants.  Children and adults alike enjoy learning the names and recognizing what they see in nature.  The Guide was developed by the Collaborative and printed by Waterford Press. Copies are sold at local stores and nature centers ($6.95) and by the local wholesaler Sunbelt Publications ( To purchase copies for educational use (not for resale) at $5.00 plus $0.40 tax, contact gro.erutandnanerdlihcdsnull@egefa.