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One-on-one profiles in San Diego Union-Tribune in January 2016!

  • Su Scott, Board member and Education Chair
  • Judie Lincer, Board member
  • Sandra Lebron, San Diego Coastkeeper education program director and SDCaN Education Committee member

FamilyHike_Canyon_spring2010Even with many wonderful nature places and programs in San Diego, community leaders and the public are left with the impression that nature is a niche issue and not fundamental to our quality of life or to development of healthy children. The projects resulting from the networking and collaboration are are testimony to the values of working together, and the Collaborative aims to amplify the public voice for the values of children and nature.

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Anne S. Fege, Board Secretary, contact at  gro.erutandnanerdlihcdsnull@egefa, phone 858-472-1293

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Recent articles featuring the Collaborative and local children and nature successes include:

Videos about Children and Nearby Nature

Short films about local nature have recently been made by Jim Karnik, and can be used in educational and public programs.  View them at (in video format).  Links to videos that feature local children and youth, at List of Videos.

Ecology of Hope.  Inspiring 18-minute video by Dr. Cheryl Charles, President, and CEO, the Children and Nature Network.  She advocates bringing children in direct contact with nature to improve creativity, academic performance, and self-esteem while fostering a greater love for the Earth.  Posted at .

Mother Nature’s Child film explores nature’s powerful role in children’s health and development through the experience of toddlers, children in middle childhood and adolescents. The 57-minute film marks a moment in time when a living generation can still recall childhoods of free play outdoors; this will not be true for most children growing up today. Mother Nature’s Child asks: “Why do children need unstructured time outside? What is the place of risk-taking in healthy child development? How is play a form of learning? Why are teachers resistant to taking students outside? How can city kids connect with nature? What does it mean to educate the ‘whole’ child?” The film features Richard Louv, David Sobel, Jon Young, other experts, and children!  Eight-minute preview at

Recent and Past E-newsletters

As available information increases and time seems to decrease, resources relevant to Children and Nature are “screened” and share with members in periodic email messages.  They include events, workshops, reports, and other resources to enhance children learning in nature and playing outdoors. Archived newsletters are available below.

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